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Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.

Familiarity with the Courts

Since 1983, Timothy W. Murdoch has practiced law primarily in the 5th and 15th Judicial Districts in Arkansas, working on various legal matters for clients in Pope, Yell, Johnson, Conway, Franklin and Logan County areas. At times, he will agree to take on matters outside these areas. It’s important for clients to retain an attorney that has familiarity and a good working relationship with the Judges who serve these areas. Murdoch Law Firm has an excellent working relationship with each Court and court staff in these areas.

Family Matters

At some point in your life, you or someone in your family will have an event that requires the services of an attorney who can help guide you through unexpected life changes. This may result in handling final affairs for a family member, suddenly having the responsibility of a minor relative, or going through a divorce. We are fully experienced in all such matters.

As a service to our clients and the public, below you will find  hyperlinks to Administrative Order No. 10, and the child support charts currently in use by the Circuit Courts of this state.

  • Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.

    Family law

  • Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.


  • Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.


  • Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.


  • Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.


  • Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.


  • Murdoch Law Firm, P.A.

    Child support

Arkansas Administrative Order Number 10

Pursuant to Act 948 of 1989, as amended, codified at Ark. Code Ann. § 9-12-312(a) and the Family Support Act of 1988, Pub. L. No. 100-485 (1988), the Court adopts and publishes Administrative Order Number 10 -- Child Support Guidelines. This Administrative Order includes and incorporates by reference the attached weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly family support charts and the attached Affidavit of Financial Means.

**links to documents in bold**

Property Litigation

Before signing a contract to sell or purchase land, it is very wise to retain an attorney to review your contract or to discuss your concerns in selling or buying real estate. Consulting with an attorney prior to signing any document is always well worth the time and effort. Give yourself peace of mind.

Murdoch Law Firm has also handles condemnation actions for and against governmental entities, which involve the public taking of private land. 

Corporate law

Are you setting up a business? It’s important you register your business properly, and comply with all State and Federal laws.  Murdoch Law Firm always recommends consultation with your accountant to determine what type of business entity should be selected. We are happy to work with your accountant to set up the business plan that works best for you.

Murdoch Law Firm also practices in front of the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, and has helped a number of local restaurants obtain their private club permit.

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